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Quality and Comfort for All Shapes, Sizes and Seasons 

Country Pickin's has a stylish array of head-to-toe fashions for real women from leading global brands and boutiques

French Dressing

FDJ’s success rests on understanding how to create and offer a perfect fit for every type of silhouette. Only fabrics meeting the highest quality standards are used and all jeans contain Lycra® for greater stretch and recovery, comfort and durability.

Also distinctive is the collection’s range of styles differing by Rise, Body Shape, Height and Leg Opening (Slim, Straight, Bootcut or Flared), designed to satisfy individual needs and preferences. The four FDJ steadfast and true fits are Peggy, Suzanne, Olivia, and Kylie. Each style is unique and sublimely shapes the silhouette in its own way, combining comfort, slimming effect, fashion and versatility. Season after season, loyal Country Pickin’s customers rediscover their favorite fits in new fabrics, detailing and embellishments.

With various combinations of shape & rise to satisfy the needs of each, all fits are designed to lift the behind and slim the tummy.


Olang, the winter boot with pivoting grips, built to increase traction on ice and snow. Created in 1991, OLANG was the first brand to offer the Canadian market fashion boots made in Europe and equipped with the OC System’s built-in swivelling and folding ice cleats, a proprietary system developed in Italy by the OC System CO. Adding Olang Boots to our collections was based on style, quality and safety. Olang Boots at Country Pickin’s standard features are:

Comfort zone up to -30˚C

  • Lining enhanced with waterproof and breathable insulating Olantex film
  • Multilayer adjustment innersole made of 90% wool with insulating and reflective aluminium film
  • Italian sole with built-in swiveling and folding OC system with flow channels
  • Stainless steel studs mounted on an exclusive framework of flexible durable polyurethane
  • Designed to increase grip on snow and ice


Founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, Rieker originally produced shoes for the affluent citizens of Northern Italy. Their reputation for quality is well known throughout Central Europe. The company has been family owned for 5 generations.

Rieker/Remonte shoes are not merely decorative and fashionable products. Their functional features mean they offer much more than that. Every shoe incorporates a special construction and utilizes lightweight and elastic components to achieve a special anti-stress feature including; minimum weight, optimum shock absorption on varying surfaces, maximum reflexibility (what we call the ´barefoot´ feeling) and construction that devotes space to areas where the foot expands through the day.

Hatley and
Little Blue House

What started as a small gift shop in Montreal’s North Hatley cottage country has today become an international gift and apparel business loved the world over. Hatley and Little Blue House designs are sold in 38 countries around the world and the company continues to ensure that Hatley stands for the same principles on which it was first founded: family, thoughtful designs, made-to-last quality and, of course, a sense of humour.

Country Pickin’s is the largest supplier of family PJ’s for Babies, Kids and Adults and proudly offers Hatley & Little Blue House products based on design uniqueness, quality and certified Global Organic Textile certification, Azo-Free Dyes and PVC-Free Rainwear.


Thermohair socks are made of 75/25 kid mohair/nylon yarn. Mohair is the fleece that is sheared twice yearly off the Angora goat. The socks are made of Kid Mohair which is the hair sheared from the Kids, during their first year of life. It is the finest, softest, most luxurious of the mohair grades and is called the diamond fibre because it is very strong and rare. It is as soft as cashmere, yet wears out the stainless-steel parts in the knitting machines. The most durable sock you will ever wear!

Mohair is very insulating, protecting your feet from the cold and sub-zero outdoor weather. Over the years, Thermohair Socks have been worn up every major peak, including Everest, and have been worn in both poles.


Biomechanics is a fancy way of saying the science of the way we move. Experts in foot and body movement took their studies and created Vio‑Motion Support. Because each shoe conceals this biomechanical technology under your foot, you can trust Vivnic shoes and sandals to hug your arches like a natural footprint. All day comfort is the difference you can feel. Country Pickin’s collection of Vionic Shoes features Style, Full-Contact Support, Hug Your Curves, Heel Seat Stabilizers and Ball-of-Foot Cushioning.

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